iontophoresis patch fat & cellulite reductor

Iontophoretic Patch Fat Reducer is an electrodynamic patch with alternating voltaic cells that uses the principle of iontophoresis to enhance significantly the absorption of active molecules allowing to achieve a greater anti-cellulite, re-modelling effect that is able to improve skin appearance and stylise the figure.

Iontophoretic Patch Fat Reducer represents the evolution of conventional patches and is much more effective thanks to its double action:

1. The electromagnetic field created by the patch generates an ion channel which allows a more efficient absorption of the active ingredients migrating through the skin.

2. The electro-ionic action creates a "cell massage" that enhances oxygen exchange between the cells, revitalising the connective tissue. Therefore, Iontophoretic Patch Fat Reducer offers stimuli that increase collagen production, thus enhancing skin elasticity and health.

Iontophoretic Patch Fat Reducer has been designed to achieve a full action in the treatment of body weight reduction and treatment of cellulite. The ingredients include:

ARGININE. Activates the proteasome system responsible for degradation of unnecessary or damaged proteins and stimulates the production of thioredoxin, protein that acts as antioxidants. This is an effective way to combat some irreversible skin physiological processes responsible for aging and sagging. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and gives the skin radiance and smoothness.

PLANCTON. This rich component lipids and omega 3, stimulates skin cells, strengthens cellular cohesion and renews the protective skin barrier. Among the qualities of this marine component, is that of preventing and combating cellulite deep, caused by genetic, hormonal or nutritional factors. It also acts against the orange skin because it attacks the hardened collagen fibers stimulating new collagen synthesis to soften the fibers and give a new look and healthy skin.

FUCUS VESICULOSUS.. An alga with recognised metabolism activator activity. Its high mineral content and the presence of iodine give it its activator properties.

CAFFEINE. Widely used as anti-cellulite active thanks to its draining effect able to remove liquid accumulations.

CLOVE. with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it helps in cases of deep cellulite to mitigate the pain in the area and improve the appearance of the skin

CEYLAN CINNAMON. This aromatic plant is used in cosmetics for their properties stimulants,antiinflammatory and antioxidant. Activates the metabolism of sugars, inducing the cells to consume more sugar and energy. Cinnamon is used as a stimulant circulation because the increased blood flow in the area of action, provides an additional contribution oxygen will be used to burning fat.

GINGER. It stimulates the circulatory system, so it is very useful in cases of poor peripheral circulation and cramps associated with deep cellulite.

DROSERA. Is a plant with high purifying powers that enhances the properties of the OTHER ingredients contained in the formula while helping to eliminate toxins.



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